Fee Structure

We are currently accepting applications from Toddlers to All Classes for the 2019—20 academic year.

Monthly Tuition Fee (Full Fee Category) Monthly Tuition Fee (Sibling Fee Category) Admission Fee (At the time of admission for all student categories)
Rs. 2,965/ Rs. 2,225/ Rs. 2,500/

Security Deposit (Refundable) Annual Subscription Fee (Per Academic year for all student categories) Admission Processing Fee (At the time of admission for all student categories)
Rs. 2,500/ Rs. 2,500/ Rs. 200/

Parents Corners

Complaint Registration Guidelines

A transparent and fair system of Parent complaint intimation, scrutiny, registration and processing exists at the Allied Schools Network. It is expected from all complainants that they will follow the under mentioned procedure / guidelines to ensure speedy and effective handling of parents complaints and opinions.

Either of 2 Methods can be used:-

Manual Method

(1) Approach the Principal of the Campus and state your concerns in verbal or in writing.
(2) At campus, the Principal is available to deal such matters daily for an hour, on each working day. Timings may be coordinated with Principal’s Office.
(3) Help can also be taken from “Campus Parents Care Committee” where such committee exists. The Principal can also refer the matter to such committee for detailed consideration of common problems of parents.
(4) If Parents are not satisfied, in-spite of above measures, the complaint may be forwarded to the concerned Regional Parent Cell (R.P.C) Office:-


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